Contentment or Discontentment?  Probably both!

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The Genesis of Reason

This book deals with the development of our brain, how it works, how has reason developed, what distinguishes our minds from those of other beings, and most importantly, how do we perceive our environment? What do we mean by the terms “movement,” “power,” “gravity,” and “time”?

The author attempts to clarify these important questions and many more by explaining and justifying the development of humanity. He explains our feelings of “contentment” and “discontentment” and how our faculty of perception works, presenting these issues from a psychological perspective, and ultimately highlighting their immense importance for our development as a species. Another key idea put forward in this work is the “signal memory” in our brain, which the author understands as the fulcrum of our evolution. All these questions, answers, and characteristics are grouped together in a way that offers the reader a fresh perspective on the nature of the universe and our experience within it.


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